Great discussion about AI and its importance for the future…

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…. especially in the field of health care.

Thank you very much Edwin B Cohen for the invitation to your GlobalTVTalkshow this week. I always enjoy these talks with experts from around the world.

It was an honor to me to meet and to talk with you Melissa Putze in Ed’s show and to learn more about your expertise in the field of AI. Thank you very much for your insights and about your experience in the Tech World and that you encourage young women to explore this field.

As a teacher at a private University some of my students were studying Business Informatics. In these classes only approx. 10 % were women and in my opinion there could be more women in this sector.
You can watch our discussion here:
I hope you enjoy it.

The next talk with Ed will be on June 21st. You can get more information on this website:
If you are interested in joining a talk as well, please send me a direct message.


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Was für eine grandiose Feier in London🍾🥂.

Herzlichen Dank, liebe Marie Diamond für deine Einladung🤩.Ich habe mich riesig gefreut, dich wieder zu sehen Es war wundervoll euch wunderbare Co-Autor:innen persönlich kennen zu lernen. So